Rebuilding the wall
We are restoring old fashion: Repentance, Prayer and Deliverance. We training people for revival.
It is your god given right. But some times our past and lack of knowledge keeps away from our freedom. We help teach you so you can be free.
Fire is burning and consuming
Revival fire is is lid. God is cleansing his bride for the endtime and his coming. Are you ready? Prepapre your live with us.

Prophetic Tuesday

Tue 11 am EST
01:00 CET
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Sabbath E.Studies

Sat 11:00 Am EST 17:00 CET
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The Faith Study

Sun 07:30 PM EST
01:30 CET
To be updated


Wakeup Call

Morning prayer is coming. stay tuned for more

New web, Ready for Bible Classes

Now implementation of new web is started and and it completion is near. It will have updates almost daily. For you it almost look alike. But hidden secrets is involved. Bible classes and behind scene content. classes will be ready June/July. You can now sign up valued partner programs and this coming week or so we will have available recording of meetings here. Now telegram chat chat channel will also be available for our valued partners. Get started today.

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