Miraculous Faith

Faith That does miracles, and quick understanding what Faith Is.

A Tuesday Turn Around

what a message.....


Lots prophetic words and layout about Dorkas

Invitation to see the king

Prophetic Words and Come up hither Rev 4.1 And invitation to see the King. It all end with Roar... watch and see for your self.

Lion Of Judah

Lion Of Juda Prophesying over 2 from Cincinnati. Don't believe Your Bad Report. Michael Prophesying over Mishkan. Peres break through. Into the new year. Prophesy over Cincinnati.


A Duo

the flow of to must see...

Wisdom, and knowledge

Learn about wisdom knowledge and the Hebrew word Davar, and daver.

The war in your Mind

the enemy going after your mind and mind set, and our weapons is to tear down enemy's strong hold in our mind.

Paradigme Change

God word will cause a paradigm change find out what how.

The Two edged Sword

David Is here talking about two edges of word. That it it hit external but also internal.

Passing over


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