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Skill Level

1 year




Module Overview

Laying the foundation is important. During this one year, we put together a set of teaching modules. That you you build on for rest of your life. With modules topics like faith, authority, Grace, Law Old and NT, Biblical holidays and the endtime, Prayer, Ruach (holy spirit), worship and more. We make available external resources , and have private follow up with question and special Q&A sessions.

NB: Changes might occur during this first year, with sequence, layout, removed, changed and added modules.

Completing this Module will help you:

  • Learn the basic need for a believer. Faith, Salavation, Hope, Worship and purpose of Ruach in our life.
  • Be able see that each topic and whole bible has red thread that goes through it all.
  • Be able to see that each topic is connected with each other. See that OT & NT is in same spirit.
  • Understand the root of traditional western holidays
  • Understand of prophetic fulfillment of Biblical holidays.
  • Prophetically understand the dynamics between with Law, Mercy and Grace.
  • And more…..

Who is the course for?

New and old in in Faith of Yeshua, who want an upgrade in their knowledge. As we go deep


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Learn about the difference, the dynamics of faith, believe and hope.

Learn about the connection faith and believe has with salvation

Estimated 4 sessions

Introduction to the basic Fact of the Bible

Church History, church symbols, The root of the traditional holidays

Hebrew, Aramaic and the greek manuscript the difference, history and why.

Bible versions and two types of translations, which version to read. What is the most correct version?

Est 1-2 Sessions upto 2 hours each

Learn the Biblical Authority.

Learn believers authority.

Learn how god interferes in our life and life in this world.

Estimated 3 Session a 2 Hours


Understanding the purpose with Torah (The Law)

Understanding the difference between mercy and Grace.

Understand that law, mercy and grace don’t contradict each other.

Gods Forgiveness was established By the Torah (the Law).

Not all in the Torah is physical applicable, learn what is.

Learn that Torah has a spiritual Application to you new life in in Messiah.

Estimated 6 Session a 2 hours

The task of purpose of Spirit.

Spirit related to Grace and Torah (The Law)

Spirit and profetic.

Spirit in prayer.

Spirit in worship

Spirit in love.

Spirit in sign and wonder

Spirit in Judgment

Estimated 10 Session a 2 hours



The prophetic fulfillment of Biblical holidays (past and future)

Different paradigm for the end time based upon the biblical holidays.


Estimated 7 sessions a 2 hours

The modules and classes might be rearranged for best benefit to you.

Gods Name YHWH

Jewish Custom In NT

Different Names of Yeshua – Yehosua – Yeshu, what is real How it all become Jesus in English


Estimated time: TBD as Guest speaker is planed

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